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Gagan Deep Meena

GAGAN DEEP MEENA (Race Director)

Gagan Deep Meena, is a researcher, and a teacher by profession. He started running during his Ph.D. at IIT Delhi, initially it used to be a stress buster and a freshning up thing, later became a habit. During these years his network grew up in fitness world and after 3 years of volunteering experience in various races across India he decided to take up the assignment of race direction for LMS India. He feeds his subconscious with ultra running and other interests like theatre, sketches, reading and writing poetry, cooking, etc. Following some crazy races which psychs human potential excites him and inspires to do more at his personal level. He strives to find the purpose of his journey by doing all these different things. He believes that learning is a non ending process and implementing the learned things justifies the learning. Currently, he is serving at department of electrical engineering, NIT Patna, Bihar, India.

Vishwas Sindhu

VISHWAS SINDHU (Operation Head)

Vishwas Sindhu, is an outdoor enthusiast, a passionate cyclist, a runner and an entrepreneur. He is the stalwart behind The Hell Race, his pursuits have included driving buses after college, organising midday meal services for corporate offices in Gurgaon, India successfully running a chain of Indian desserts shop and designing algorithm software at India’s largest online travel agency. This spirit of entrepreneurship has often left him in bankrupt, but this believer from Rohtak, Haryana, brings a never give up attitude with him, to The Last Man Stands team. His core strength lies in understanding people and their aspirations which may sometimes involve a few lengthy monologues. If you are nice to him, he’ll tell you a rib-tickler or two, and let you taste the proprietary Barfi that his Gurgaon-based sweet shop is famous for.  

Rohit Kalyana (Route Explorer and Photographer)

Rohit Kalyana a.k.a Baba

Rohit, famous as Baba among running/mountain enthusiasts of India, has an unending love for mountains. He takes the energies to drive his life from the existence of nature. A humble and simple person with sorted viewpoint like to keep visiting the mountains whenever he gets a chance. He holds some fastest hiking records on Strava, active more there! He is associated with The Hellrace and their races as route explorer. Here he serves the same purpose.

Lalita (Coral Incharge)


Lalita is a theatre artist and a research scholar in Philosophy, current pursuing her Ph.D. from IIT Delhi. Her strengths are staying calm, composed and always available for help.

Jatin Sharma (Event Live)

Jatin Sharma

Jatin is currently a research scholar at IIT Delhi. He handles our facebook lives during the event. He saves us from big mishaps, his presence at the race venue keeps whole India updated about each hour happennings. If you have liked the commentaries during lives, That’s his voice. Our own Doordharshan 🙂

Yogesh Jangra (Route Inspections)

Yogesh Jangra

A research scholar in theretical physics. He is someone who will get any task done. One strong pillar of our team.

Volunteers – Time Keepers and others

  1. Sundresh Sarup
  2. Saraswati Negi
  3. Sushma
  4. Rahul Verma
  5. Ashish Chillar
  6. Sandeep Singh
  7. Neha Gupta
  8. Bharat Sindhu (Race Production)
  9. Dilawer Khan (Race Venue)

We are thankful to Mr. Gaurav Madan, He was technical director for the first edition of India backyard ultra. We learned a lot with his experience at international races. We wish him goodluck for his future projects, and will look forward to have him again in future.

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